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DFT Valves

    • Control and Block Valves [pdf]
    • Hi-100™ Severe Service Control Valve
    • Ultra-trol™ Flanged Abrasive Service Control Valve
    • Uniflow™ Manual Control Valve
    • In Line Check Valves [pdf]
    • Threaded Check Valves
    • Wafer Check Valves
    • Flanged Check Valves
    • Restrictor Check Valves
    • Vacuum Breaker Check Valves

Diamond Gear Company

  • Bevel Gears
  • Worm Gears

Please contact our sales team for product information

PBV Valves

    • Full Opening Check Valves [pdf]
    • API 6D Check Valves
    • Oil Patch Check Valves
    • Severe Service Ball Valves [pdf]
    • PBV by Union Tech Severe Service Ball Valves
    • PBV Z1 Unibody Power Metal Seated Ball Valve
    • PBV Z2 Two-Piece Industrial Severe Service Metal Seated Ball Valve
    • PRV Pressure Relief Valve
    • Threaded and Socket Weld Valves [pdf]
    • 5312 Uni-body Design
    • 6322 Seal Welded Design
    • Two-Piece Oil Patch
    • Three-Piece High Pressure Oil Patch
    • Three-Piece Bolted Body Design
    • Multisport

A few reasons why our clients prefer our product offerings:

  • We carry factory new valves with MTR's
  • Our valves are pressure tested on-site by DK Amans technicians
  • Same day delivery, including after hours
  • Orders processed same day
  • Hard-to-find items...not so hard-to-find, more than likely they're on our shelf


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of our inventory, which means we know what we're doing! We make every effort to offer a streamline experience for our customers, while protecting the integrity of the brands we stock. In the end, we answer to both of you.