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ABZ High Performance Butterfly Valve – ABZolute High Performance

ABZ high performance butterfly valve


ABZ High Performance Butterfly Valve – Elite High Performance

ABZ high performance butterfly valve

  1. Underneath Drawn Gland Packing -Allows for ease of user adjustment to the gland nuts and direct mounting of actuation.
  2. Stem Retention System-Provides positive stem retention above the packing.
  3. Mounting Flange-Designed to direct mount actuation for ease of installation and cost saving.
  4. Body is available in Wafer and Lug.
  5. Packing-PTFE is a cup and cone system.
  6. Bearings-Made of 316 stainless steel sleeves impregnated with RTFE to ensure long service life.
  7. Seat Retainer-The heavy-duty retainer plate and cap screws provide a full rated bi-directional dead end service valve. The seat retainer seal prevents leakage to the atmosphere past the retainer plate and body.
  8. Seat-Utilizes a solid soft seat with a unique channel design. This advanced design provides a bi-directional interference and pressure-assisted seal. This achieves maximum seal at low or high pressures while preventing the seat from bending or deflecting downstream.
  9. Disc Taper Pins -Pins are offset from the center of the stem, which places them in compression rather than in sheer. This gives them a yield point greater than the stem itself. Pins are welded in place after final assembly and testing.
  10. Integrally Cast Disc Position Stop -Machined position stop in the body locates the disc in the seat to achieve maximum seat and seal life.
  11. Disk-Cast from 316 Stainless Steel (CF8M -A351), and engineered to allow for quick release from the seat. The disc has a heavy duty low cavitation cross section connection to the stem. This results in lower torques and smoother operations.
  12. Stem-Manufactured of high strength 17-4 PH Stainless Steel to provide maximum strength and stability for high torque applications.

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