Engineered to flow™

Our shop is outfitted with massive capacity machinery, precision equipment and an ASME section IX Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code welding department. DK Amans has the means to support an immense production schedule, and the staff to ensure our out-put is incomparable.

We proudly employ some of the most skilled and knowledgeable machinists, certified welders and technicians in the industry. Our team has a combined total of 500+ years experience in the valve industry, with an average tenure of 12 years at DK Amans Valve.

We are Trained and Equipped for Your Full-Service Needs


  • Trim Changes
    [API Trim Chart PDF]
  • End Connections - Facings, Weld Bore Schedules and Finishes
  • By-Passes or Purge Connections
  • Gear Operator Installation – Bevel and Worm
  • Operator Extensions
  • Outside levers – Weight or Spring
  • Actuation
    • Electric, Hydraulic and Pneumatic
  • Packing and Gasket Changes
  • Bolting Changes
  • Seat Seal Inserts
  • Epoxy Coating

Contact Us for a Full List of our Modification Services.


The DK Amans machine shop routinely performs repairs to valves from countless applications and industries, including oil and gas refining, pipelines, and food and beverage. We expertly perform common repairs on valves such as: Ball, Gate, Globe, Check, Plug, Butterfly, and Control valves.

However, we’re not known for being a common valve repair shop. Our success is built on our ability to successfully meet the customized and ever changing needs of our clients.

Whether our shop is repairing cast iron valves used in water treatment, or exotic alloys such as titanium and inconel for challenging petrochemical projects, we are adept at delivering first-rate customized repairs that make certain our client's projects are a success.

Examples of Our Specialized Repair Services

  • API 6D Pipeline Slab Gate Repair
  • Electric Actuator Repair & service
  • New and Re-Bonded Slip Replacement
  • API RP 621 Valve Reconditioning
  • Teflon Sleeve Replacement
  • Control Valve Repair and Calibration
  • Coker (DCU) Valve repair
  • HF Alky Valve Repair
  • NDE Inspection Capabilities
  • Stellite® Hard Facing Seat Repair
  • PMI Capabilities
  • Weld Repair of Castings

Please Contact Us to Discuss Your Standard or Customized Repair Needs.

Quality Assurance

Our staff adheres to the most demanding industry requirements and specifications.

Whether your valve has gone through modifications or repairs in the DK Amans shop, the highest quality standards will have been integrated in the process, including:

  • OEM Parts
  • Hydro-static, Gas, Air, Kerosene and Fugitive Emission Testing
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis
  • Repair & Modification Reports
  • MTRs (Material Test Reports)
  • Testing Certification

DK Amans keeps a Valve Status Report for each valve we repair or modify; the report documents each valve’s historical data and prior services.

Our In-House Capabilities, Expert Technicians and Numerous Authorizations Make it Possible for Us to Deliver Quick Turnarounds to Meet Your Deadlines in an Efficient and Cost Effective Manner.

Our reputation is built on our success with your valve modifications and repairs.
Your reputation is protected by our uncompromised valve testing.