Engineered to flow™

“I’ve worked with DK Amans for over a dozen years and they have never once let me down. Routine repairs, emergency orders, shop rebuilds, whatever, the level of service is always top notch. Safe, reliable, quality work is the norm and they deliver time and again.”

Bob Ford

Turnaround Services Contract Specialist

BP West Coast Products

“I have had the pleasure of working with DK Amans here at ExxonMobil over the years, and in my opinion they are in the top tier of all the contractors we work with. Their professionalism in the field and attention to detail is always appreciated and has come to be expected.”

Kevin Teel

Shut Down Planner

Exxon Mobil

“They’ve got your back…”

“Depth of Knowledge, authoritative experience, robust sourcing abilities, mission critical deadline oriented… The list goes on… I can’t imagine a successful turnaround without DK Amans”

Mike Belongie